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Virgo is born between August 23 and September 22. Their ruling planet is Mercury. Their gender feminine and element earth.

The first impression most receive of the typical Virgo woman is one of cool distance. Virgo women are more intellectual than emotional. This does not mean that they lack kindness or compassion. Merely that they guard their emotions very carefully. On the positive side many Virgo women are very honest. On the negative side some Virgo women are hyper critical and drive their mates up the wall with their critical remarks.

Virgo Woman and Romance

Many Virgo Women are very restrained and conservative in their approach to love and romance in general. On the surface her emotions seem a bit cool and at times rather cold. But, this also relies heavily on other planetary influences in the Virgo chart. These influences might change her emotional nature.

Most Compatible Zodiac Signs

The following signs are highly compatible with the typical Virgo.

Leo and Virgo- The warm hearted Leo man usaully overlooks the harsh and critical nature of the Virgo woman.

Scorpio and Virgo- There are signs of a very happy pairing. The Virgo woman more than likely admires the Scorpio man's keen sharp intellect.

Capricorn and Virgo- There is much in common between these two signs. They are both very practical and industrious individuals who
find comfort and assurance with each other.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Other zodiac signs might find the cool Virgo attractive but may be offended by their often critical and picky nature.

Famous Virgo Women

Here are famous women celebrities born under the sign
of Virgo.

LeAnn Rimes August 28
Shania Twain August 28
Cameron Diaz August 30
Gloria Estefan September 1
Lily Tomlin September 1
Beyonce Knowles September 4
Raquel Welch September 5
Rosie Perez September 6
Chrissie Hynde September 7
Amy Irving September 10
Rachel Ward September 12
Kate Millett September 14
Sophia Loren September 20
Faith Hill September 21
Nicole Richie September 21
Ricki Lake September 21

Descriptive Words
conservative, practical, honest, critical, cool conservative, trustworthy, hard worker, perceptive, intelligent

In conclusion, The Virgo woman is honest in relationships to the point of seeming overly critical. Plus she is highly conservative in her approach to love and personal relationships. Actually, her coolness inspires great passion in some men. And the right man might change her conservative outlook on love and romance.

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